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6 min readSep 15, 2022

2022 has been a challenging year for the web3 space. It has brought a bearish downturn in the crypto market. With the drastic drop of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, not only investors are affected but also web3 project developers. Each week, or even day, multiple projects come to light with different roadmaps, background stories, missions, etc, yet sustaining the projects, in the long run, has been the core issue that projects need to solve.

NFT, metaverse, and especially GameFi have been the central topics of the web3 community in 2022. Along with the huge success of a couple of projects such as Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, and Sandbox, organizations like gaming guilds have emerged into the web3 space epically successful. However, all these projects and organizations have underlying issues that have seemed to be ignored and that is how Metaforce is born.

What is Metaforce

Is it just another gaming guild? This a question that has been frequently asked, and the answer is of course not. What is Metaforce?

In our survey and research, we noticed there are a couple of underlying issues with the projects nowadays. The struggle to attract real players and organic engagement has been the most significant pain point for projects. As we all know, to sustain a project, users and players are the most important element of all. Without traffic, it is almost impossible to retain users in the project. To keep them in the game, enjoyability is crucial. Play-to-earn is no longer what players are looking for, instead, they want something they can play and earn. Players that are provided by gaming guilds are often ‘professional earners’, having fun with the game is not their priority and the inorganic engagements are not practically healthy. On the other hand, gaming guilds that build too fast too soon will face difficulty in managing players manually, and will eventually crumble down due to the loss of faith of its members. There is also one group of people that has been forgotten by the GameFi projects, which is the TRADITIONAL PLAYERS. We believe that crypto gaming is still yet an unfamiliar thing to traditional gaming enthusiasts, being able to convert them with quality content is the key.

As for the users and players, we are aware that they have no place to shine. Talented gamers would go back to traditional games as there is where they can have a sense of achievement. There is yet to have any community for web3 gamers to build their reputation and expand their network. Players get tired of grinding, doing the same thing for that small amount of return, it is in nature. Lacking of jobs and an uncertain future will drive them away in the end. Nonetheless, investor type of player needs to have strong faith in where they place their assets. This never-ending cycle is what we see as the pain of players.

Metaforce is the first on-demand work-to-earn protocol for Web3 projects, especially GameFi. It allows users and projects to onboard, learn, and engage with GameFi through activities while tracking their performance data and managing assets in real time. In a nutshell, we are a solution organization for both GameFi and players with time-tested methods and technologies, we are a platform to connect players, guilds, and projects.

Who are the targeted audiences

We reckon that the most important asset in our arsenal will be the users and players. Without them, nothing in our blueprint can and will be achieved. Therefore, we target all sorts of players. No matter if you see yourself as an existing player who is experienced in the GameFi space, an investor player who invests your time and money in work-to-earn and play-to-earn, a traditional player who is still green in the web3 gaming space and gaming idly, or a professional gamer or clan leader who wish to form a clan and lead them with passion and enthusiasm. We recognize crowdsourced cybersports organizations as one of our targeted audiences too. By hosting e-sport tournaments, we are able to draw traffic into our community. A large user base is everything nowadays.

Nevertheless, projects are just as important to us, as projects that wish to work with us would be one of our main streams of income. We target projects that are mostly categorized as Metaverse and GameFi. We also welcome any marketers that wish to promote their projects by using our platform.

How can we bring values to them

In Metaforce, we aim to develop:

  • Customer Data Platform

Metaforce is creating a Customer Data Platform to collect data for insights that match projects and clans to the right players, and vice versa. We aim to gather as much data from different sources as possible to eliminate data silos in projects and guilds. The database will help classify and provide smoother services for projects and users. It will also help marketing activities be more effective. Our CDP will have the intelligence to support data analytics and data-driven decision-making.

  • Management Tools for Clans

As long as you have the desire to manage a clan, with the help of our management tools, it’s no longer a dream or a hard thing to achieve. It integrates every feature you require from hiring to operation. It helps guild owners to manage their members easier as guild masters can now measure their members’ performance, ROI, and KPI. Guild owners can also host events and training with our management tools. With the management tools, values have not only been added to guilds and clans but also to the members. Guilds can now host in-house tournaments integrating a ranking system and leaderboard for talent hunt. Members are able to self-improve with all the features provided.

  • Gamification Community for All

As mentioned, we see players and users as the most important assets, therefore, we want to create a vibrant environment for all gaming enthusiasts to connect and socialize. In this gamification community, we help players to retain their proof-of-work in web3. Players get to build their portfolios anonymously. It has been proven again and again that networking in the web3 space is rather important. In the gamification community of Metaforce, players will have the opportunity to extend their network with like-minded people. Besides giving them a welcoming community, we also want to provide them with a reliable place with more jobs and tasks to earn and work on. Besides, we have referral rewards for players who bring in family and friends to join our community.

  • Initial Player Offering

Forget about what the current launchpads are doing as they only serve the token holders as we reckon. Projects ended up with traders, flippers, and investors but not genuine players! Metaforce provides the right players for the right projects. Integrating our CDP and backend technology, we only introduce selective top projects to the right players for them to enjoy while earning. We will constantly distribute jobs and tasks to our players and clans and reward them with profitable tokens. A win-win for both projects and clans or players.

  • Learning Hub 3.0 for Training and Engagement

Metaforce will conduct Massive Open Online Courses for users to learn in an affordable and flexible way. We will also train and educate traditional players to introduce and convert them to the wonder of web3 gaming. I mean, play-and-earn, why the heck not? Additionally, we will have a content platform to turn your knowledge into income. A new platform to earn, a new paywall for clans.

In short

We are a user bank. We create jobs and tasks for users to complete and reward them with profitable earnings. We develop management tools for clan leaders to lead, reward, and train their teams. We provide a learning hub for greeners. We provide the right game to the right players and vice versa. We are a community that suits all players, users, gamers, and leaders.