Strategic Partnership Announcement: Metaforce x Epic War

2 min readSep 27, 2022

Metaforce is pleased to announce our very first strategic partnership with Epic War — a blockchain game backed by Icetea Labs. Thanks to the help of our precious backer, Icetea Labs, we welcome Epic War as our very first official blockchain gaming partner. A partnership that will strengthen both developments in various ways.

Epic War is the first global online blockchain game to bring the real and virtual worlds together. Players can create their avatars, weapons, gears, and battle maps. They have countless ways to customize their very own character. Besides, players can create their guilds, lead the team and conquer other planets in an open world. These maps and scenarios that players create are all by using blockchain technology.

Metaforce and Epic War will cooperate in cross-marketing, strengthening the community of both, and most importantly, users from Metaforce get to play, work and earn from this amazing war game powered by blockchain technology. Epic War will be assigning tasks and jobs for Metaforce users to work on and earn from very soon. As Metaforce does, we will be supporting Epic War by providing users that are truly interested in war games. Users from Metaforce can now raid ’em planets and own ‘em!


About Metaforce

Metaforce is the first on-demand work-to-earn protocol for Web3 projects, especially GameFi. It allows users and projects to onboard, learn, and engage with GameFi through activities while tracking their performance data and managing assets in real-time. In a nutshell, we are a solution platform for both GameFi and players with well-thought-out methods and technologies, we are a platform to connect players, guilds, and projects.


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